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With your input, we've created the proposed 2025 Better Bus Network, which represents Metro’s commitment to improving service and connections using the resources we have today. By changing routes and service times, this network better connects the region, increases access to better bus service, and makes the bus more convenient. Download state maps and route profiles using the links below.

State Maps

Review all routes in the proposed 2025 Network by state. The network redesign covers Metrobus as well as TheBus in Prince George’s County. Metro is collaborating with other providers to efficiently integrate existing and planned bus services.

Proposed Bus Stop Consolidation
As part of the proposed 2025 Better Bus Network, Metro is taking this opportunity to review and consolidate bus stops across the region to make service faster and more direct. Click to learn more about the proposed bus stop consolidation.

New Route Names

The proposed 2025 Network features brand-new bus route names for all Metrobus routes as well as routes run by project partner Prince George’s County TheBus. Informed by customer and industry research, these new route names will have three characters and include the following components:

  • The first character will be one of six letters:
    • “D” or “C” for Washington, DC, routes
    • “M” for Montgomery County routes
    • “P” for Prince George’s County routes
    • “A” for Arlington County or Alexandria routes
    • “F” for Fairfax County, Fairfax City, or Falls Church routes
  • The second character will be a number based on the corridor or neighborhood in which the route runs
  • The third character will be another number to distinguish it from other routes in the area, or an “X” to represent a limited-stop route

Want to learn more about how we developed the new route names?

Click here to watch our behind-the-scenes video.

Route Profiles

Review key destinations served, schedules, and frequencies for each route in the proposed 2025 Network.

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RouteNameOperatorSimilar Current Routes

District of Columbia

C11L'Enfant Plaza - National HarborMetrobusA8, A4, P6; TheBus: 35
C13Anacostia - Eastover via Washington HighlandsMetrobusA6, A7, A2
C15Potomac Ave Station - Southern Ave StationMetrobusA2, B2, A6, A7, A8
C17Anacostia - Eastover via BellevueMetrobusA4, A2, W2, W3
C21Anacostia - Minnesota Ave StationMetrobusW4, V7
C22Potomac Ave Station - Minnesota Ave StationMetrobusM6, U5, U6
C23Anacostia - DeanwoodMetrobusW4, W6, W8, V7
C25Anacostia - SkylandMetrobusW6, W8
C27Bellevue - Naylor Rd StationMetrobusW1, A6, A7
C29Anacostia - Southern Ave StationMetrobusW2, W3
C31Navy Yard - Capitol HeightsMetrobusV2, V4
C33River Terrace - DeanwoodMetrobusU4
C35Deanwood - Naylor Rd StationMetrobusU7
C41West Hyattsville - AnacostiaMetrobusB2
C43Carver Langston - Navy YardMetrobusX8
C51Woodley Park - AnacostiaMetrobus90, 96, 92
C53Duke Ellington Bridge - Congress HeightsMetrobus92, 90
C55Tenleytown - LeDroit ParkMetrobus96, G2
C57U St Station - Capitol HeightsMetrobus96
C61Tenleytown - BrooklandMetrobusH2, H4
C63Washington Hospital Center - DeanwoodMetrobusH6
C71Fort Totten - Union StationMetrobusD4, E2, D8
C81Sibley Hospital - Fort TottenMetrobusE4, M4
C83Friendship Heights - Fort TottenMetrobusE4
C85Barnaby Woods - Foggy BottomMetrobusM4
C87Silver Spring - Van NessMetrobusD31
D12Kennedy Center - Southern Ave StationMetrobus32, 36
D14Union Station - Buzzard PointMetrobus74
D1xArchives - Naylor Rd StationMetrobus36, 32
D22Chinatown - Minnesota Ave StationMetrobusX9, X2
D24McPherson Square - DeanwoodMetrobusD6, 96, W4
D2xFarragut Square - Capitol HeightsMetrobusX2, X9
D30Fort Totten - Federal Triangle via N Capitol StMetrobus80
D32Chinatown - Fort LincolnMetrobusG8
D34West Hyattsville - Metro CenterMetrobusG8, P6
D36Washington Hospital Center - Franklin SquareMetrobusD4, D8
D42Silver Spring - Archives via 7th StreetMetrobus70, 79
D44Fort Totten - Federal Triangle via 11 St NWMetrobus64, 63
D46Takoma - PetworthMetrobus62, 63
D4xSilver Spring - Archives via 7th Street LimitedMetrobus79, 70
D5214th Street & Colorado Street NW - WaterfrontMetrobus52, 54, 59
D54Takoma - Metro CenterMetrobus54, 52, 59
D62Silver Spring - Franklin SquareMetrobusS2, S9
D6xSilver Spring - Federal TriangleMetrobusS9, S2
D70Chevy Chase Circle - Farragut SquareMetrobusL2
D72Van Ness - Lafayette SquareMetrobus42, 43
D74Farragut Square - Rhode Island Ave StationMetrobusH8
D82Friendship Heights - Franklin SquareMetrobus33, 31
D90Tenleytown - Convention CenterMetrobusN2, N4, N6
D92Georgetown - Union StationMetrobusG2, 96
D94Sibley Hospital - ChinatownMetrobusD6
D96Bethesda - Potomac ParkMetrobusD2, N2, N4, N6, 42, 43


M10Montgomery College-Rockville - WheatonMetrobusQ2, Q4, Q6
M12North Bethesda - Hyattsville CrossingMetrobusC2, C4
M20Wheaton - Silver SpringMetrobusQ2, Q4, Y2, Y7, Y8
M22Olney - BethesdaMetrobusL8, Y2, Y7, Y8
M42North Besthesda - GlenmontMetrobusC8
M44Glenmont - College ParkMetrobus83, C8
M52Silver Spring - LaurelMetrobusZ6, Z7, Z8
M62White Oak Medical Center - Fort Totten via New Hampshire AveMetrobusK6, K9
M6XWhite Oak FDA - Fort TottenMetrobusK6, K9
M70Montgomery Mall - Silver SpringMetrobusJ1, J2
M82Twinbrook - Friendship HeightsMetrobusT2
P10Rhode Island Ave Station - College ParkMetrobus83, 86; TheBus: 17
P11Greencastle - Hyattsville CrossingMetrobus83, 86, Z8; TheBus: 17
P12Greenbelt - LaurelMetrobus89M
P13White Oak Medical Center - Fort Totten via Riggs RdMetrobusR1, R2
P14Greenbelt - DeanwoodMetrobusR12; TheBus: 16
P1XRhode Island Ave Station - GreenbeltMetrobus83, 86; TheBus: 17
P20Greenbelt - New Carrollton via Greenbelt RdMetrobusB27, G14
P21Greenbelt - New Carrollton via Hanover PkwyMetrobusG12; TheBus: 11
P22Greenbelt - CheverlyTheBusF13; TheBus: 16
P23New Carrollton - Glenn DaleTheBusB24, F13
P24New Carrollton - Bowie State via Glenn DaleMetrobusB27, G14
P30Silver Spring - New CarrolltonMetrobusF4; TheBus: 14
P31Takoma Langley - New CarrolltonMetrobusF6, C2; TheBus: 14
P32Fort Totten - College ParkMetrobusF6; TheBus: 13A, 19
P33Brookland - Hyattsville CrossingMetrobusR4
P35Fort Totten - New CarrolltonMetrobusF6; TheBus: 14
P40Rhode Island Ave Station - New CarrolltonMetrobusT18
P41Capital Plaza - Downtown LargoMetrobusL12
P42Takoma - New CarrolltonMetrobusF1, T14
P43Takoma Langley - Addison Rd StationTheBusF1, F8; TheBus: 18
P44Cheverly - New CarrolltonTheBusF12
P51Capitol Heights - Downtown LargoMetrobusC21, C22, C29
P52Landover - Downtown LargoTheBusL12; TheBus: 21, 28
P53New Carrollton - Upper MarlboroTheBusTheBus: 21
P54Cheverly - Addison Rd StationTheBusTheBus: 23
P55Addison Rd Station - Downtown LargoTheBusC21, C22, C29; TheBus: 23
P56Morgan Blvd Station - Downtown LargoTheBusTheBus: 26
P57Woodmore Towne Centre - PGCCTheBusTheBus: 28
P5XNew Carrollton - PGCCTheBusTheBus: 21X
P60New Carrollton - Suitland via Seat PleasantMetrobusA12, P12; TheBus: 20
P61New Carrollton - Suitland via GlenardenMetrobusF14, V12, A12
P62Deanwood - Branch Ave StationMetrobusV14, K12
P63Addison Rd Station - Naylor Rd StationMetrobusF14, J12
P64Suitland - Downtown LargoTheBusK12; TheBus: 24
P65Capitol Heights - Penn MarTheBusTheBus: 24
P66Suitland - ForestvilleMetrobusK12
P71New Carrollton - Bowie State via Laurel-Bowie RdTheBusB21, B22, B24
P72Downtown Largo - BowieMetrobusC26, C29
P73Downtown Largo - CollingtonMetrobusC21, C22
P76Suitland - Upper MarlboroTheBusJ12, K12; TheBus: 20
P77Marlboro Village - Marlboro MeadowsTheBusTheBus: 53
P78Upper Marlboro LoopTheBusTheBus: 51X
P83Naylor Rd Station - Capital Crossing ApartmentsTheBusC12; TheBus: 34
P84Clinton - BrandywineTheBusTheBus: 36
P85Branch Ave Station - Southern Maryland Hospital CenterTheBusTheBus: 30
P86Naylor Rd Station - ClintonTheBusH12; TheBus: 32
P87Suitland - Oxon HillMetrobusD14; TheBus: 35
P88Southern Ave Station - Branch Ave StationTheBusTheBus: 33
P93National Harbor - SuitlandMetrobusP12, NH1, D12
P94King St Station - SuitlandMetrobusD12, NH2, NH1; TheBus: 35
P95Southern Ave Station - FriendlyTheBusW14; TheBus: 35
P96Oxon Hill - SuitlandMetrobusD12, D14, H12; TheBus: 32
P97Southern Ave Station - Fort WashingtonMetrobusP18


A11Pentagon - HuntingtonMetrobus10A
A12Ballston - Hunting PointMetrobus10B
A1XPentagon City - Braddock Rd StationMetrobusMetroway
A27Van Dorn St Station - PentagonMetrobus7A
A28Landmark Mall - PentagonMetrobus21C
A29Van Dorn St Station - Metro CenterMetrobus7A
A40Skyline City - National LandingMetrobus16M, 16A, 16C, 16E
A49Culmore - Metro CenterMetrobus16C, 16E, 16Y
A58Seven Corners - Farragut SquareMetrobus38B, 1A, 1B
A70Tysons Corner Center - Potomac YardMetrobus23A, 23B, 23T
A71Ballston - King St StationMetrobus22A
A76Rosslyn - Mark CenterMetrobus25B
A90Mark Center - PentagonMetrobus7M
F10King St Station - Fort BelvoirMetrobusREX
F19Mount Vernon - Potomac ParkMetrobus11Y
F20Tysons - King St StationMetrobus28A
F23George Mason - King St StationMetrobus29K
F24Vienna - King St StationMetrobus29N
F26NVCC Annandale - Seven CornersMetrobus26A
F28Kings Park - PentagonMetrobus17G, 17K, 17B
F29George Mason - PentagonMetrobus17G, 17K, 17B
F44Annandale - Pentagon via Columbia PkMetrobus16A
F50George Mason - BallstonMetrobus2A, 2B
F60Fair Oaks - BallstonMetrobus1A, 1B, 1C
F62Dunn Loring - RosslynMetrobus1B, 4B
F64George Mason - McLeanMetrobus2B
F66Culmore - PentagonMetrobus22A, 22F
F81Burke Centre - PentagonMetrobus18P
F83Orange Hunt - PentagonMetrobus18G
F85Annandale - Pentagon via Little River TpkeMetrobus29G

Note: The following routes do not have a comparable route in the proposed 2025 Network. Please consult the full proposed 2025 Network map to find the closest proposed routes nearby. Metrobus: 3F, 3Y, 8W, 59, A32, A33, C11, C13, D33, D51, K2, S41, W45, X3, Z2; TheBus: 15X, 37

Neighborhood Profiles

Check back soon to view summaries of proposed changes by geographic area to better understand the routes in your community.

Ready to share your feedback?

Revised Visionary Network

Last year, you gave us feedback on the draft Visionary Network—the future bus network our region deserves. We’ve used your comments to create the proposed 2025 Better Bus Network and to revise the Visionary Network. While we don’t have the resources to start using the Visionary Network right away, the proposed 2025 Network is a practical first step to take us there. View the revised Visionary Network on the Better Bus Resources page.

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