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Explore Our 2025 Trip Planner

Want to see how the proposed 2025 Better Bus Network could improve your bus trip? Exploring is easy! Simply enter your starting point and where you want to go to compare your trip as it is today with your trip on the proposed 2025 Network.  

Watch the video for instructions on how to use the trip planner.

How to Use this Tool

Select your time of day

Choose from four time-of-day options for making this trip: Morning Rush Hour, Midday, Evening, or Saturday.  

Compare your trip

The tool shows you how long your trip will take to get curb to curb and the breakdown of your trip between walking and riding the bus and rail. Compare your trip today to your trip on the proposed 2025 Network! 

Try bus-only

If you would like to see what this trip would look like if you only take the bus, turn on the bus-only toggle. 

Bonus: See how far you can go

Want to see all the different places where transit can take you? Use the sliding feature to see which places are accessible from your start destination in a set travel time.

2025 Trip Planner

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